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Get ready for your trip to Universal Studios with tips you need to know before you buy your tickets. Here are a few things you should know if you haven't visited Universal Studios in years. With these tips you can escape everyday life today and experience a visit to Hollywood Studios Hollywood in detail. If you were at Universal Studios in Hollywood recently we have teamed up with some friends to give you some tips on how to plan your visit.

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Universal Studios Hollywood is located in Southern California and we offer a great value way to purchase tickets for Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Los Angeles. If you need more information about the cost of tickets for your California to Florida theme park trip, it's worth checking to see if you can save some extra money. For more information about Universal Disney World and other theme parks in Florida, visit our Universal Orlando page. re going to a theme park in California or Florida, we have 20 things to take to Universal Studios at the Orlando Resort to make your trip easier.

The first and perhaps most important tip is to buy your tickets to Universal Studios Hollywood before you leave. If you can't get to the gate for your morning shopping, it's a must to go through Universal Studios Hollywood Universal Express in advance. Check out our Los Angeles Crowd Calendar to check out our crowd forecasts and catch up on the best times to visit Universal Studio Hollywood.

The Combi Pass includes a Universal Studios Hollywood Ticket, Universal Express Tickets and access to all attractions in the park. When you purchase the Universal Studio Hollywood Combo Pass ($50 / day or $100 / year), your pass is included with all Universal Studios and Hollywood tickets. You will receive a free pass to all other Universal theme parks and attractions in Los Angeles, free parking, free admission to Hollywood Studios and Universal CityWalk, and a $10 discount on your first ticket.

The 3 Park Base Ticket includes entrance for the day and includes free parking, free admission to Hollywood Studios and Universal CityWalk, and a $10 discount on your first ticket.

Download the parking map from the Universal Studios Hollywood Mobile App This way you know which journey you are heading for next. Enjoy a guided tour of Hollywood Studios and Universal CityWalk with a VIP experience. This means you will be accompanied by Universal's Orlando experts on guided tours of the parks and attractions, and have exclusive access to exclusive events and special events.

If you visit more than one major Californian city on vacation, you should take a look at the California Explorer Pass. This includes all the Los Angeles attractions you could wish for, including Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal CityWalk, Hollywood Studios and Universal Orlando. If you're planning a trip, check out our guide to the most popular California attractions in Orlando, Florida, California and Hawaii.

The Universal Express Pass saves you a lot of time and allows your family to experience everything Universal Studios has to offer. The Child's Switch is the easiest way to experience Universal Studios Hollywood as a family, and no one forgets to leave you behind. Skip the regular queues for all participating rides and attractions, as well as for all special events and activities.

Universal Studios Hollywood is also home to Universal CityWalk, a bright and lively downtown area with over 30 restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants. There are more than 30 restaurants and bars in the city, as well as a variety of shops and restaurants in downtown Los Angeles. Universal City includes Universal Studios, Universal Theater, Universal Hollywood Studios and Universal Park, while walkers in the City can also walk to all the attractions and attractions across the park. Universal cityWalk offers a wide selection of food and beverages, shopping, entertainment and more.

The hotel offers a wide range of restaurants, bars and shops, as well as a variety of entertainment options. Garland offers access to the Universal City subway station, which provides easy access to both Hollywood and downtown.

If you are serious about Universal Studios Hollywood and looking for a convenient location near the park, we recommend staying at the Sheraton Universal Hotel. The shuttle to and from the parks is offered and is easily accessible on foot. If you are staying at a nearby hotel, such as the Marriott Hotel or the Hilton Hotel in Hollywood Hills, we highly recommend it.

Book a shuttle from your hotel to Universal Studios California with the Karmel Shuttle: You can reserve the shuttle to Sheraton Universal Hotel or Hilton Hotel in Hollywood Hills and transfer to Universal Studios Hollywood. The shuttle will pick you up at your hotel or hotel in Los Angeles at 6: 30 am on the first day of your trip and you can pick you up at 7: 45 am, 8: 00 am or 9: 15 am.

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More About Universal City